Friday, August 18, 2017


Student LED Toolkit!
Yesterday we went to New Windsor School to do our Ako-Hiko student LED tool kits. At first I was quite nervous but at the end I didn't want to leave because it was fun. Except for the time I had to wait all day for Jerry to come to sound trap (A website where you could make music and songs). At first I went to one of them which were Incredibox (Its also something related to music but just making beats. For the second session I went to sound trap. This is where I waited for Jerry.  He came into the class but then he just walked back out. I tried to call his name but he didn't reply. We got free milk for morning tea and lunch at New Windsor School. I made a few friends there as well.

Friday, July 7, 2017

On our cyber smart lessons we learnt about info graphics and how to make them. Everyone enjoyed making an info graphic because you could chose your design, write about something and change your background of you info graphic.